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Hope for the Damned

Have you denied the Savior by your lifestyle? Ever deny Him because of your concern for your image in front of friends? “What would they think of me if I refused to take part in their activity?” “What would they say about me?” Perhaps, you even cursed Jesus. Perhaps you are worried that you committed the unpardonable sin? Take hope. Failure is not final for genuine disciples of Jesus. He remains unflinchingly loyal to His own, even when they are disloyal to Him, even when they damn themselves.

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Why God Sends Us Storms: In the Wake of Irma

Hurricane Irma was the largest storm in recorded US history. So, naturally the windy lady captured our undivided attention as she strolled westward along the Caribbean corridor and then, after a sharp right turn, traveled up the spine of Florida. Like most others, we were motivated by fear, a healthy fear of damage to our persons and property, to prepare for Irma. We knew what was at stake. We knew what we would lose if we were unprepared for the storm.

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