Men and Women Together as Worship Leaders: We Do Worship Better Together

Moses and Miriam the prophetess leading worship together is a familiar case in point (Ex 15:1-12). But less known is the male-female worship leader duet of Barak and Deborah the prophetess (Judges 4-5). Two examples provide us with a double-duet. But even lesser known is the fact that both these stories are intentionally arranged to mirror one another. Though separated in time, they are twin stories. Let me explain what I mean.  

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Justin Busby
Luke the Ghost-Buster: Luke 16:19-31

Dickens’ story of how ghosts changed Scrooge’s attitude reminded me of Luke’s story of ghosts. Dickens thought ghosts could change people’s hearts. But Luke’s a ghost-buster. He sets the record straight about what ghosts cannot do.

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Tim Cole