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Guard against provoking your children to resentment. *Why does Paul caution fathers about causing resentment? *What does it mean to provoke someone to resentment?
Part Two of Pastor Cole's series on parenting called : 'Don't Build Wall--Aim at the Heart'. Many Christian parents depend on Proverbs 22:6 as a lifetime guarantee. Some children chose the way they shouldn't. What went wrong? What did God really say in Proverbs 22:6? Two major pitfalls with the traditional rendering of Proverbs 22:6.
Pastor Cole's 5 part expository series on parenting called: "Don't Build Walls: Aim at the Heart" began today! Don't miss this vitally important series! Pastor and Michele will also combine with the men and ladies at their home on Thursday nights to answer questions anyone has on this series!
Jesus' prayer with His Father was a two way conversation. (Luke 6:12) We were created in order to have a two way conversation with God. (Selected Scripture )
Jesus relied on His Father's guidance to choose new leaders for a new nation. Jesus chose a diverse group of ordinary men as His successors.
Jesus deliberately healed on the sabbath, challenging the leader's misinterpretation of Scripture. *The religious leaders reacted to Jesus' healing with irrational anger.
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Redeemer Bible Church St. Petersburg Sometimes offering someone friendship and the hospitality of a meal can be the best sermon - it could be someone first encounter with Christ. Jesus sought out the outcasts of society and of the religious order of His day. He called them to follow Him.
Redeemer Bible Church || St. Petersburg || Luke 5:17-26 Not all heroes speak or talk. But they are heroes, nonetheless. On one occasion, the important religious leaders in charge from all over Israel (a huge group) gathered to watch Jesus. But they became a roadblock rather than a road to healing.
Redeemer Bible Church || St. Petersburg || Luke 5:5-16 We will be talking about a man in the final stages of leprosy. He needed no coaching to go to Jesus. In fact, in contrast, to Peter's blind spot about his weakness, the leper was fully persuaded that he needed help.
Redeemer Bible Church || St. St Petersburg || Luke 5:1-11 After WW2 (1939-1945), a national silence gagged the German nation for the crimes they committed against Jewish people. Men, women, children, families, and friends, did not talk about it, write about it, paint about it, write songs about it, or make films about it.
Redeemer Bible Church || St. Petersburg || Luke 4:38-41 Luke showed that when Jesus traveled throughout Galilee, he encountered many POW camps, disguised as a synagogue, a home, or a village, Jesus encountered men and women who had been taken prisoner by the enemy, confined to their homes or bed by illnesses, weaknesses, or demonic spirits.
Redeemer Bible Church || St. Petersburg || Luke 4:31-37 Jesus was not a politician, a people pleaser, and he wasn't running for office. He did not adapt his teaching to suit his listeners' traditions or to make them feel comfortable. Jesus' teaching had authority: his teaching didn't create problems, but simply revealed them.


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