Change Fathers, Change Commitment, Change Family

Change Fathers, Change Commitment, Change Family
Jesus’ Family Experience in Luke’s Gospel

Jesus’ family relationships in Luke are striking, if not controversial. Up to the age of twelve, Jesus submitted himself to Joseph and Mary. But after a fruitless search for Jesus over three days among his earthly family—Jesus claims a commitment to another Father, in whose house he taught (Luke 2:49). Change father, change your commitment, and change your family.




Change Fathers, Change Commitments, Change Family

Thereafter in Luke, Jesus demonstrates a higher commitment to His Father than to His earthly family. In fact, Jesus redefines family by renouncing commitments to family and expressing family allegiance to men and women who both hear and put God’s Word into practice (Luke 8:19-21). People who obey God’s (the Father) Word are His new family members. Jesus redefines family. Change your father and change your commitments and change your family.

Even more striking, though, is Jesus claim that the image of blessedness is seen in those who hear and do God’s (the Father) Word, rather than seen in Madonna and child (Luke 11:27-28). Confirmation for this claim of blessedness (seen in the hearers and doers of God’s Word rather than in mother and child) is the new community of believers in Acts (Acts 1:14).

Luke depicts family veneration in reverse. The direction of the veneration has changed. As a child, Jesus submitted to his earthly father and mother. Now, as the resurrected Lord, Jesus receives the veneration and worship of his earthly family. They honor Him and submit to Him, rather than the reverse.

Change your father, change your commitments, change your family.